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Richard "Dick" Cormack

Europe Operations VP

Mr Cormack joined LehmanBush in April 2022 and specializes in the strategic advisory, manufacturing, trade, financing, management, restructuring, and industry sectors. He held various executive positions with various corporations and later as an entrepreneur founded the successful motorsport tire brand DMACK. He utilized his vast experience with global brands in the world of top level motorsports and world class tire manufacturing to gain the highly prestigious FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) accreditation to supply tires into the FIA WRC (World Rally Championship). This strategy allowed him to develop the tire brand market by competing in the FIA world rally championship from 2011 to 2018 against global tire brands Michelin and Pirelli, giving the DMACK brand instant credibility globally.

Mr. Cormack has successfully steered DMACK to many high level victories, notably winning the 2014 FIA WRC2 world rally champion’s teams trophy and outright victory on the 2017 FIA World rally championship event in GB, all achieved using his own products. He has travelled extensively to all the rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship with his team of specialist technicians. As well as extensively traveling in South and North America where he won single tire supply contracts in Paraguay and Argentina. Additionally he negotiated tire supply agreements with global car manufacturers such as Subaru to supply its motorsport program in the USA and helped secure external investments in DMACK.

Mr. Cormack has navigated businesses during challenging times including the transfer of the manufacturing base from Asia to Europe. As the major shareholder and registered director of the businesses he has been part of the company restructuring processes, which included dealing with insolvency practitioners KPMG, Grant Thornton, BDO and Leonard Curtis across the globe in order to negotiate a settlement using his legal advisors to gain a successful outcome for creditors and investors. DMACK is now successfully trading again through its base in Italy.

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