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With a global network of professionals, LehmanBush provides a unique advantage in delivering services to public, private and international clients across a broad range of financial and strategic advisory services. 


Our firm responds quickly and effectively by providing practical and sustainable solutions, with drive, dedication, and commitment that add value. As regulatory and business environments are constantly evolving and changing, a critical competency of the firm is the ability to solve problems and to creatively overcome legal and cultural hurdles. 

About LehmanBush

We distinguish ourselves with the following capabilities:

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LehmanBush is known for being adaptable to the socio-economic, political and business contexts in which it operates, while at the same time producing high-quality and innovative deliverables and outputs. With our global networks we are well positioned to respond quickly and effectively to our clients’ needs by providing practical and sustainable solutions.

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LehmanBush helps clients to understand both language and culture to reach a successful result. We understand the importance of frequent, accurate communications utilizing the most effective technologies to keep clients fully informed so they can manage businesses and move transactions forward, even when they are not physically present.

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Cost Effective

LehmanBush provides effective and efficient services from a dedicated team that has critical skills from key disciplines.  Our professionals have backgrounds in management, operations, finance, accounting, law, government, engineering, and logistics.  This broad in-house expertise allows us to successfully complete transactions in a cost-effective manner.

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LehmanBush is comprised of business people who have grown up in entrepreneurial families. We bring together a diverse skill set including outstanding private equity and top-tier corporate experience to rigorously evaluate and execute investments. Our multi-disciplinary approach enables companies to implement quickly systems and processes, while shifting mindsets to make results happen.

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LehmanBush senior professionals have extensive experience managing, operating, financing, buying and selling businesses, and a broad network of industry contacts. With key professionals that have managed manufacturing facilities on a day-to-day basis, our team understands the practical challenges and unique goals faced by foreign enterprises and investors.

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LehmanBush has a strong track record of providing quality advice, in a variety of fields, especially to EU, UK and US entities regarding China, Asia and African markets. The Team’s experience includes the investment in, and acquisition of both listed and private businesses, state-controlled or privately run, by both strategic and financial investors.

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LehmanBush ensures accurate and relevant information to our clients which is fundamental to assessing risk, planning a course of action and executing business strategies. Information in places like China and Mongolia tend to be fragmented and, in many cases, incomplete. LehmanBush places great emphasis on its information gathering resources and ability to analyze data, some of which is very challenging to access.

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LehmanBush offers strategic and practical advice to companies facing complex issues and assesses potential opportunities, reducing wasted time and resources. This includes support to firms operating in locations and sectors that are highly regulated through government policies, or through state-owned enterprises, such as China, Mongolia, Africa, and Japan. We also offer support to: protect and recover investments; provide a temporary team during critical periods of change management; and, introducing new to market products and services in highly regulated sectors.

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LehmanBush builds trust by working together as a team and delivering the best guidance and services possible. The firm is deeply committed to: placing our client interest’s first; conducting work with integrity and treating others with respect; working in partnership with clients and each other; attracting, retaining, and developing the best people in a high-quality environment; and, contributing talents and resources to serve the culture, environment and communities in which we live and work

China Practice

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We help our clients to formulate a company's strategy in China with a global vision to create tangible solutions that have the utmost impact and value, with appropriate approaches including:


▪ Game changing, disruptive strategies

▪ Capabilities, organization, key processes and mindset, as well as alignment with HQ

▪ Cross-cultural alignment with Chinese partners or staff

▪ Adaptation of global operating models to suit China-specific needs

▪ China for China or China for the world?

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For Chinese Companies, Fulfilling the Next Era of Needs and Aspirations


▪ Embedding of governance, capabilities, processes and organizational foundation

▪ For SOEs, reform and transformation

▪ For privately-owned companies, growth and new identity/positioning

▪ For both, going overseas, globalization, cross-border M&As

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For the Public Sector, Seeking New Definition of the Government's Role


▪ Positioning or repositioning with strategies for localities or regions

▪ Defining new collaborative partnerships with the private sector

As the two largest economies globally, the relation between China and the United States is arguably the most important bilateral relation in the world today.  Accordingly, LehmanBush combines a proven team of thought leaders, senior industry experts with experienced senior consultants, to form a winning team with deep expertise in understanding the China Context.