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Professor Justin Ole Fischer

International Business Development

Professor Justin Fischer has decades of diverse international business and cultural experience in Australia, Papua New Guinea, China and the Pacific Islands. He has served as a key figure in chambers of commerce, consulates, official government institutions, and NGOs. His expertise extends to financial services and general corporate practices across commodities, mining, the arts, branding, consumer goods, IT, media, hospitality, automotive, healthcare, AI implementation and science.

Since 2004, Professor Fischer has made China his home, leveraging his expertise as a senior business manager, board member, and advisor for numerous multinational corporations and organizations including the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, the China World Trade Corporation, the Arab China League (where he served as commerce advisor to the Chairman and Vice Chairman), the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce China, and the Australian Chamber of Commerce Southern China. He is also a registered VIP buyer of China's largest trade fair, the Canton Fair, a bi-yearly event, and serves as an assistant art curator for Art Canton.

Professor Fischer is an accomplished artist, a recognized expert of art, a skilled art sales professional, and an online influencer. He has for decades been an active force in art acquisitions, curating art and creating art collections for private collectors, museums, educational institutions, history centers as well as organizing and maintaining exhibitions. He provides specialized advisory services for managing artists and art dealers and acts as a liaison connecting investors, artists and art buyers, and has assisted independent artists to display their art collections.

Currently Professor Fischer is associated with Ruifeng Ecology Group, China’s largest private Fertilizer Company. Over the last two decades, he has been instrumental as a consultant and advisor in diverse projects, initiatives, and programs spanning the realms of business, education, art, and commodities.

He holds an honorary board membership with the Nepalese NGO Bravehearts Nepal, actively contributing to the support of orphans and the preservation of endangered Nepalese and Southern Chinese Tigers. He is also an Ambassador for Golden Keys International Alliance, a prestigious China concierge and service organization. Professor Fischer is an alumnus of the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, and currently holds the position of a professor at The Art Research Institute of Anhui Jianzhu University.

Phone: +86-18803062931

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