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Lex Smith

Commodities Division Chief

Lex Smith is a seasoned executive renowned for his exceptional leadership within the mining industry who has worked with LehmanBush since 2013. With a steadfast commitment to excellence that spans decades, he emerges as a dynamic leader consistently attaining robust outcomes. Proficient in mine planning, operations, and execution, his insightful leadership fosters team cohesion, culminating in success.

Mr. Smith's mining trajectory is underscored by a proven track record of enhancing mines through the application of his extensive expertise. He has operated across diverse mining sectors, encompassing gold, copper, coal, and base metals. His prowess lies in rejuvenating mines, consistently surpassing expectations and rendering them financially viable.

Throughout his professional journey, Mr. Smith has assumed pivotal roles at a diverse array of companies, both listed and private. As a Mining CEO, COO, Director, and President, he adeptly managed underground and surface mining operations. His adeptness in negotiating international and U.S. strategic alliances, coupled with his skillful handling of M&A, JVs, and limited partnership business models, sets him apart.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Smith served as the President/Director of Shoshone Silver/Gold Mining Company and Shoshone Silver Mining Company Mexico S.A. de C.V., based in Idaho and Mexico, respectively. His legacy of leadership extends to his role as an incorporator, co-founder, and officer of the U.S. nonprofit mining industry association Silver Valley Mining Association (SVMA). Within SVMA, he served as the Executive Editor and writer for the official publication "Drill and Pick," as well as leading the governmental relations liaison group. He also co-founded and holds a leadership position in the nonprofit industry association Natural Resources Education Resources (NREO) and holds an executive leadership role in the American Chamber of Commerce (AmChamUS), a U.S. nonprofit dedicated to promoting domestic and international U.S. businesses.

Originating from Mason City, Iowa, Mr. Smith graduated from nearby Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He takes great pride in his service as a veteran of the U.S. Army Security Agency and the Iowa Air National Guard. His professional journey is characterized by unwavering dedication, strategic acumen, and an enduring commitment to enhancing the mining and business landscapes.




在他的职业生涯中,史密斯先生曾担任Shoshone Silver/Gold Mining Company和Shoshone Silver Mining Company Mexico S.A. de C.V.的总裁/董事,分别位于爱达荷州和墨西哥。他的领导遗产还包括作为美国非营利性采矿行业协会Silver Valley Mining Association(SVMA)的创始人、联合创始人和官员的角色。在SVMA内,他担任官方出版物《Drill and Pick》的执行编辑和撰稿人,同时领导政府关系联络小组。他还共同创立并在非营利性行业协会Natural Resources Education Resources(NREO)中担任领导职务,并在美国商会(AmChamUS)的执行领导层中担任职务,该商会致力于推广美国国内和国际的企业。


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