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Lachlan Winner

Vice President APAC

Mr. Winner an Australian lawyer who possesses a deep knowledge of Asia with more than 20 years living and working in the region. His focus includes Investment, Corporate Governance, M&A, Financial Services and Key Investment Zones in Asia.

With an eye on the global market, and an unmatched understanding of emerging markets Lachlan has a keen ability to identify and capitalize on new Financial Technology opportunities. Mr. Winner exhibits a passion for financial technology and digital payments. Skilled in Financial Structuring, Corporate Finance, Tech start-up, Acquisition and exits.

Lachlan is high energy and a deeply curious, lateral thinker with an enthusiasm for new start-ups. He has a bottom-up approach - analyzing the detail and underlying data while keeping an eye on the web of interconnections and correlations of new projects and real word solutions. He formerly served as the Director of Austcham Korea.

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