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Edward Lehman

Co-founder / Chairman

Mr. Edward Lehman, the co-founder and Chairman of LehmanBush, has decades of business and legal experience in the US, China, and Mongolia. He has a wide range of experience with mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, financial services and general corporate practice in the areas of consumer goods, biotech, IT, media, fintech, hospitality, automotive, healthcare, cosmetics, commodities, mining, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Since 1987 Mr. Lehman has been located in China and has served as senior business manager for a number of multinational corporations including: Roper Technologies, UCI International, UCI Auto Parts, VeryKool Wireless, Dynisco Instruments, Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC), Medtec Medical Instruments, AmTech Systems, Struers, CIVCO, Amot Controls, Airtex Auto Parts, ASC Water Pump, ASC Auto Parts, FRAM, Prestone, and the Rank Group. He also served as Director of RJ Reynold’s Asia-Pacific operations in Hong Kong, where he oversaw the company’s legal, IP, employment, licensing, dispute resolution, tax, and regulatory work. Mr. Lehman co-founded Lehman, Lee & Xu China lawyers in 1992, LehmanLaw in UlaanBaatar in 1997, and Lehman-Brown International Accountants in 2001.

Mr. Lehman has been involved in a wide range of projects including the re-establishment of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and has served on the Board of Governors for both AmCham Shanghai and Beijing. He also has served as a Director of the American Club of Beijing, is a founding member and the first President of American Citizens Abroad, China Chapter, and appointed as a U.S. Warden to the American Embassy in Beijing. Mr. Lehman presently serves as Chairman Emeritus for the American Chamber of Commerce of the United States (AmChamUS).

Mr. Lehman was a part of the effort to bring China into the WTO and to extend to China Permanent Normal Trade Relations and on panel of experts to successfully re-establish the Shanghai Securities Exchange. He has also advised the Government of Costa Rica and Panama on the terms of their Free Trade Agreements with China, was a foreign adviser to the Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committees, served as a Senior Research Fellow to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and regularly contributes to China media organizations CGTN, China Daily, China New Media, and China Radio International (CRI) and to US media organizations The New York Times, CNN, ABC, Harpers, and Bloomberg.

He has also been appointed by the China Intellectual Property Society National Advisory Center for Overseas Intellectual Property Dispute Settlement as a National Advisory Expert.

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