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LehmanBush provides advisory on sales, including retail, direct sales, franchise, multi-level marketing, consumer and branded goods. The retail and wholesale industry is currently undergoing massive changes due to globalization and its effects on domestic trade. Consumer adoption of globalized online shopping has meant that businesses are increasingly competing with overseas businesses. The upside of a globalized shopping economy, of course, is that even the smallest of our clients have great potential to embrace global trading opportunities and multi-channel selling strategies.

LehmanBush helps clients ranging from small and medium sized businesses to larger multinationals adjusting to shifting market patterns. We have a deep understanding of how to optimize business models by applying our industry expertise and worldwide resources to help clients design and activate strategic programs. Our services include generating insights into the market landscape and underlying trends, prioritizing new geographies and market segments, assisting with the delicate balance of selling products or services through traditional and nontraditional mechanisms, multichannel optimization, incentives and management, pricing, and more.

Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of the evolving business challenges in today’s marketplace. Leading organizations seek our advice and council on executive recruiting, leadership development and succession planning. Within this landscape, we assist retail and wholesale businesses create operational performance improvement strategies and evolve their traditional retail business model to assist them with meeting the challenges of the globalized, the digital era and maximize the commercial opportunities for your retail and wholesale business.

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