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Mergers & Acquisitions

LehmanBush helps Sellers to understand the potential risks and rewards of a divestiture. The team fully assesses the seller’s situation and supports their negotiating position to maximize the sale price and execute the deal with minimal disruption to the remaining operations. We help buyers recognizes the need to unlock value at every stage. The team works with clients to identify potential targets and support an efficient transaction process for the most complex deals. They also help align deals with a client’s strategic business objectives, maintain compliance, and enhance value through integration, and potential upside opportunities.

The pace of today’s M&A activity demands that decision-makers be able to make the right moves confidently and swiftly to capitalize on new opportunities. Our team understands the challenges on both sides of the transaction and the need for all parties to drive maximum value. The LehmanBush team consists of forward-looking specialists with unparalleled experience, skills, and a deep industry expertise. By combining these capabilities, the team identifies key risks and rewards, so clients may confidently navigate M&A complexities. By combining local and global expertise, LehmanBush builds the right team to assess opportunities, explore potential strategies, and accelerate inorganic and organic growth opportunities. The LehmanBush targeted screening approach and experience helps identify attractive and plausible acquisition targets, encompassing options to diversify or increase market differentiation. The firm also advises on process, financing structure and the negotiation of detailed terms.

To facilitate our clients’ ability to make fully informed transaction decisions, LehmanBush use our extensive deal and industry experience to prepare for the transaction by highlighting key issues including valuations, deal structure, company integration, separation planning and how to mitigate the transaction and closing
risks. Throughout the diligence process LehmanBush impartially evaluates the deal for the client, provides solutions to any risks, and identifies and quantifies potential upsides. By creating a bespoke roadmap, LehmanBush help ensure senior stakeholders understand the deal rationale and its implications, including closing risks. With building value as the core focus, LehmanBush works seamlessly with clients across all stages of planning and executing acquisitions and divestitures. Our network of M&A professionals helps clients unlock value across a deal lifecycle. Whether integrating or separating an entity, LehmanBush develops a plan to deliver on the anticipated business synergies. This can include advising on how to assess how sales teams, suppliers, employees, systems, and processes on integration; developing a customer retention plan and ensuring all regulatory and compliance obligations are met. To unlock the full value of the transaction, LehmanBush can also create and design talent retention programs, and help manage change and communication initiatives to drive a smooth and successful transaction. LehmanBush also advises on local debt packages and, through our partnership relationship with international institutions.

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