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LehmanBush has extensive experience with businesses in the healthcare sector including biotech and other health sciences. A rapidly changing healthcare environment and the convergence of breakthrough scientific innovation, digital advancements, increasing global access and new business models are reshaping the biopharma space. These advancements offer promise for substantial improvement in patient care and have opened up new opportunities for players in biopharma and across the life sciences market landscape. Navigating the change and complexity of the health care landscape is a daunting challenge. It requires both a deep understanding of numerous external considerations and a pragmatic approach to initiating, motivating and managing change internally across your organization.

The LehmanBush team will be with you every step of the way, providing guidance and extra support to overcome roadblocks. And we can lean in where you need it most, whether it’s sophisticated modeling and analytics, serving as an extension of your staff to tackle mission-critical priorities. With many years of both consulting and industry experience, our team can help bring your strategy to life. We work alongside you to implement lasting change by drawing upon a unique breadth of financial, IT, operations, analytics and clinical capabilities. We use proven methods and best practices for change management and cultural transformation to hardwire success. Accelerate your transformation with innovative partnerships as you navigate your role in the health care ecosystem, we can help you identify and realize new opportunities to generate value across health care.

We are committed to developing forward-thinking business and clinical models to deliver cutting-edge results. We help you develop an informed, market-specific, practical plan that benefits you and your stakeholders. Our seasoned experts are adept at navigating difficult situations and solving complex problems. They have extensive experience in change management, strategic program leadership and governance and management. We bring deep industry knowledge, structured frameworks and decision making tools. This enables you to prioritize your strategic initiatives and investments. We help you build a rigorous business case and step-by-step plan to ensure successful implementation. From R&D to supply chain and operations to every facet of commercialization, pharma and biotech companies have to execute flawlessly across all dimensions if they hope to win. We implement a holistic, strategy-led approach across every facet of operations.

We help biotech and pharmaceutical executives develop practical strategies and plans to win in this evolving landscape, thereby improving outcomes for patients and maximizing the value of a dynamic global healthcare market. We work with biopharma companies at all stages of development, providing an array of solutions to help our clients navigate key uncertainties and drive long-term value creation for their shareholders. This includes emerging and established players and companies focused on innovative branded drugs, as well as those focused on biosimilars, generics or reformulations. We can help early-stage companies focus their growth strategy by evaluating the potential of the company’s pipeline, prioritizing portfolio investments and supporting go/no-go decisions. We can also help companies think about financing opportunities and conduct unbiased product or market evaluations to support partnership or investment decisions. With our experience and analytical support, biopharma companies can gain the confidence required to make important decisions in the face of a great deal of uncertainty.

Getting a launch right is critical, especially if a company is entering a new area or launching its flagship product. LehmanBush teams up with clients at this stage to provide commercialization strategies and launch planning support. In concert with our healthcare services practice, we are able to help develop pricing, access and customer engagement strategies that help position products for maximum success. We have demonstrated success supporting biopharma companies in all key geographies, and our commercial planning expertise cuts across all types of drugs, devices and diagnostics. In addition to helping define the commercialization strategy, we also have a great deal of experience helping emerging companies scale up their organization to prepare for the launch process. In addition to maximizing the potential of their marketed products, biopharma companies must also think about what’s next. Whether it’s building franchise leadership, developing life-cycle management plans, driving growth across therapeutic franchises, evaluating attractive adjacencies for M&A, determining how to scale the team or prioritizing internal pipeline opportunities, our team has a proven track record of helping our clients build winning strategies unique to their particular challenges.

With the life sciences marketplace shifting and evolving at an ever-increasing pace, pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech firms and med tech manufacturers should act promptly, responsibly and effectively to grow revenue and market share, even as industry dynamics drive increased focus on regulatory compliance, lower costs, innovation, and network flexibility. LehmanBush is helping our life sciences clients as they pursue growth opportunities and tackle multiple scientific, business and regulatory challenges. Through our demonstrated/time-tested combination of industry experience and broad service offerings we are helping our clients lead and shape the global life sciences marketplace.

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