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LehmanBush team is uniquely placed to assist companies with financial services and technologies, private equity and insurance. We are uniquely qualified to help private equity firms, whether buying or selling, to rapidly react and succeed in today’s high-velocity market. The financial services industry is rapidly transforming and we help make the connection between corporate strategy and innovation strategy to ensure investments are reinforcing and aligned can be challenging. Our team leverages its unique innovation offering to help companies define their ambition and focus on distinct opportunities to create new value for their customers, employees and society. We draw upon our global network to help institutions understand the threats and opportunities in today’s market and offer comprehensive services that help companies develop and refine strategies that respond to disruption and innovation. Through a collaborative process we help private equity buyers to act with speed, agility, and confidence to keep pace with the tempo set by today’s sellers.

The ability to realize a deal’s full potential takes a level of expertise few organizations possess. Financial buyers that raise cash through limited partnerships are under enormous pressure to identify and execute deals within severely limited time constraints. We help private equity buyers perform accelerated yet effective due diligence, help mitigate risk, and ensure the deal gets done — all while setting strategy to help maximize value. We help you to identify “red flags” and “deal killers” to help alleviate a potential buyer’s concerns.

Our aggressive project management to match today’s aggressive deal timelines. Our Global footprint provides distinct advantagesfor both buyers and sellers. We have the right resources in the right location, right away — resources who understand the language, the culture, and the local rules and regulations; resources who can help you close the deal on your timeline. Today’s investors are often challenged with accessing real-time data and metrics across their portfolio companies. As a go-to partner for private equity firms and their portfolio companies, we know there is nothing more critical than realizing perceived deal value during the critical period after a deal is closed. We help our clients create value, manage risk and seize growth opportunities. We’ll support you with asset-optimizing private equity advisory services like finance and technology transformation, operational improvement, and ERP implementation and systems integration—essential elements in turning your portfolio companies into high-performing investments.

Financial sponsors need to be more thorough and more comprehensive in their due diligence, yet at the same time also need to act quickly. From a corporate or management team perspective, the private equity landscape is now a complex, crowded market and picking the right strategic partner is a challenging decision. Our deep sector knowledge will help you find the right portfolio companies to participate in the fastest growing segments of the market. We have invested in deal origination, creating a team capable of finding exciting new opportunities for you to invest in. We offer a comprehensive service range, helping you address all the issues that are likely to arise in a transaction: from financial modeling, through due diligenceand debt advisory to tax. We bring a depth of service to the mid-market that is normally only found on large-cap deals and operate as a single deal team, collaborating with you to successfully conclude the transaction.

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