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Entertainment & Media

LehmanBush offers a full range of services to companies in the Entertainment and Media industry. Our focused, highly-motivated team can help your organization effectively streamline operations, increase productivity and out-perform the competition. We understand the unique challenges and operational issues in the Entertainment and Media fields and have developed market-proven, high performance results through our services designed specifically to meet the particular business challenges of the industry and strengthen our client’s competitive position.

Digital technologies are continually redefining how entertainment and media products are produced, distributed, consumed, and monetized. We can help you break through and achieve a sustainable competitive edge. We are well positioned to provide consulting expertise that will help you sharpen your strategy, identify growth opportunities, and achieve deeper customer engagement. LehmanBush can help you anticipate and meet customer demands, tap the full value of your data assets, or seize a leadership position in the rapidly evolving media ecosystem.

The Entertainment & Media business is unlike any other. High development costs, long hours and tight timelines are daily realities. Our team of industry experts understand these pressures and provide you with valuable financial advice and flexible solutions. As the industry has grown, so has our ability to provide industry leading financial advice and services. We continually work to understand the opportunities and challenges our clients face, and we can offer a unique combination of specialized expertise, global capabilities and quality service.

Our media and entertainment consulting data, insights and tools provide you with critical information needed to anticipate what’s next, pivot when needed, and transform at speed. Around the globe, our senior professionals assist content production and distribution companies, broadcasters, networks, and investors with operations enhancement and advice on acquisition of content rights.

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