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LehmanBush has decades of experience in mergers & acquisitions, and corporate restructuring, as well as assisting lean start-ups. We help our clients select acquisition targets, and negotiate M&A, strategic investments, and joint ventures worldwide. We also assist with divestitures and spin-offs. The LehmanBush team brings a differentiated approach to deal processes and has developed a reputation for consistently delivering the best results for clients. Our services include identifying potential acquisition targets or joint venture partners, conduct of preliminary due diligence, background research, financial modeling, andprovide structuring, negotiation, and documentation advice.

We seek to broker advantageous arrangements for clients and to identify potential deal-breakers as early as possible. The focus for the team is on providing clients with an overall commercial perspective to help assess the likely risks and rewards of any transaction. LehmanBush provides assistance in capital raising for trade and project finance. We assist clients in navigating the entire fund-raising process which includes presenting the most compelling investment case and facilitating the introduction to appropriate sources of capital. LehmanBush has a proven track record of bridging gaps between investors and those looking to raise capital and we are expert at overcoming hurdles which may otherwise derail possible investments.

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