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Restructuring & Turnaround

When a company is distressed, it can seem like everything is going wrong at once: creditors demand faster payment, customers stop paying on time, capital expenditure is delayed, and liquidity is increasingly tight. LehmanBush provides restructuring, turnaround, implementation advice, and services to underperforming and financially distressed businesses, their stakeholders, and advisors. For those experiencing some or all of these signs, it can be hard to know where to start to fix the problem. LehmanBush helps clients react quickly and confidently under pressure and in the face of challenges. The team collectively has several decades of restructuring experience, the majority in finance and private equity, which LehmanBush leverages to navigate clients through crisis and back to growth.

For many clients, restructuring is a new and unfamiliar world. To ensure success we rapidly deploy personnel to create a common information platform for all stakeholders to ensure liquidity, financial viability, and address other key risks which provides a period of stability. Next utilizing our years of experience and knowledge of technical restructuring and insolvency laws, policies, and regulations. we offer a best-in-class stakeholder management and restructuring experience to help clients design a restructuring solution, negotiate the terms with stakeholders and implement the turnaround. We have a track record of delivering consensual solutions in stressful, time-pressured situations for a lasting restructuring.

LehmanBush assists companies and stakeholders to address pressures and effect turnarounds, to regain control, manage crisis, improve returns to creditors and limit exposure to risk and bad debt through a suite of services. We help clients rapidly identify specific issues and opportunities, while creating a more engaging experience for better alignment, focus and speed to action. This helps our clients to react more efficiently and confidently under pressure and with challenges. Relying on specialized skills, sophisticated tools, and in-depth experience in a variety of areas, including, turnaround, financial restructuring advisory, insolvency and contingency planning, we provide services and products at the various stages of distress in which a company may be operating. We can provide insight and increased clarity to companies and stakeholders through a suite of services, and we can proactively provide ways to help reduce the potential risk of future problems. We offer deep industry knowledge and situational experience to aid in delivering effective, market-leading advisory services.

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