LehmanBush because of its experience and expertise in the China marketplace receives a wide range of mandates from clientele: investment banking and strategic advisory services and complex advisory services. LehmanBush also receives client mandates on private Equity investment activity.

Mergers and Acquisitions

LehmanBush conduct financial environment advisory assignments in China, the United States, European Union, and other markets to identify, select and negotiate mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. We also conducted divestitures, debt and equity financing’s and restructurings. Our team has a strong track record of providing corporate finance device in China, the United States, the European Union and other Asian markets. Our experience includes the investment in, and acquisition of, both state owned and private enterprises by both strategic and financial investors. To the European Union, the United States, and around the world.

As part of the service LehmanBush personnel identify potential acquisition targets or joint venture partners, conduct preliminary and commercial due diligence, background research, financial modeling, and provides structuring and documentation advice. We seek to identify potential deal-breakers as early as possible and, throughout these assignments, we focus on providing our clients with an overall commercial perspective to help them assess the likely risks and rewards of any transaction.

Our M&A services include the following:

  • Buyside Advisory

  • Sellside Advisory

  • Joint Ventures

  • Outbound China Investment

  • Debt and Equity Financing


Corporate Finance

LehmanBush provides advice on the liability side of an institution’s balance sheet and on the capital raising for a emerging, growth and expansion stage companies as well as private equity and other fund managers. We assist our clients in navigating the entire fund raising process which includes presenting the most compelling investment case and facilitating the introduction to appropriate sources of capital. We also advise on the process, financing structure, and the negotiation of detailed terms. LehmanBush has a proven track record of bridging gaps between investors and those looking to raise capital and we are expert at overcoming hurdles which may otherwise derail possible investments.

As one of the most well-known and long-established teams of corporate financial advisors in China, LehmanBush maintain an active network of financial and trade investors both within China and overseas. This allows us to provide unparalleled coverage of the potential investor universe and therefore find a best partners on the best terms for our clients.

  • Fund Raising

  • Private Placements

  • Restructuring


Strategic Advisory

LehmanBush offer strategic advice to companies in defining and managing their medium-term objectives. This includes practical assistance and support to firms operating in China and sectors that are highly regulated or in which the state plays a large commercial roll, either directly or through state owned enterprises.

LehmanBush is able to help companies assess whether there is an interesting opportunity and, if so, how best to approach it. We are also experiencing offering support in protecting and recovering investments and strategic elements of change management. In exceptional cases this includes sending team members during critical periods to run the operations. We have helped introduce products and services that are new to the market, and have established precedents for government approvals and a number of highly regulated sectors.


Private Equity

LehmanBush is an active private equity investor in propositions with growth potential.

We seek attractive development capital investments in middle-market companies that operate in sectors where we have a deep knowledge and can add significant value.

We invest alongside foreign firms, wishing to accelerate their entry into the Chinese market through working with and on-brown partner but who’s preference is not to work with the state-owned enterprise or private business dominated by a single entrepreneur. We also invest alongside clients and acquisition or development opportunities.

Our investment strategy requires the establishment of provisions for the protection of investors interests; these always include board representation.

  • Principal Investments

  • Co-Investments