• Ernie Diaz

Xiaomi Too

China's emerging EV industry is abuzz with rumors Xiaomi will be offering a smart car in the not-too-distant future.

We're currently taking any and all action on the rumor being true, offering a -250 line on at least an announcement. Our confidence springs from simple, but so far infallible logic: Apple's already doing it.

Before you bet against us, check out a Xiaomi store at the mall, indistinguishable from Apple stores, save the logo. Heed the fanfare around this week's hottest Chinese tech story - a college student who interviews Tim Cook and revels in tales of innovative corporate culture and inclusion of Chinese customer feedback.

"It's the kind of 'safely bold' play Chinese CEOs love," says Jimmie Jeremejev. "Be the first Chinese company to innovate in the manner a western industry leader already is. Whether or not Xiaomi is successful, it confirms our view that the EV industry is going to be transforming China's roads and auto industry much sooner than most people expect."

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