• Ernie Diaz

Try More Friendly Skies

Many a westerner feels a sense of existential dread when hearing the latest “China largest”, or “China number one.” Our view? It’s gestalt therapy. Face the present situation with facts, and self-actualize.

Take the fact that China is now the world’s largest air-travel market, for instance. Yes, part of that is due to America’s COVID-related slowdown. But consider that China just had its own breakthrough. Currently, less than 30% of China’s airspace is available for commercial use, compared to more than ninety in the U.S. and Europe.

Change must come from within…the bowels of bureaucracy. In this case, the Air Traffic Control Commission, newly established, to start the rivers of red tape that will lead to more blue skies for both domestic and international airlines.

“The lack of airspace both explains the frequent delays in China flights, and chokes off runaway growth of the airline market,” says Edward Lehman. “Also, let’s not forget that the last time we counted, there are less than 500 private aircraft in China, while the market could easily absorb ten times that amount. This commission should lead to some regulatory easing, for private air service providers to capitalize on.”

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