• Ernie Diaz

The Games that People Pay

It's always nice to have elderly loved ones around as long as possible, if for nothing else than to show them how misguided their gratuitous advice was. "Video games are a big waste of time and money!"

Wrong, granpappy. While JC Penney & Toys R Us are in receivership, a little-known Hong Kong company, Animoca Brands, has just transitioned to unicorn status, based largely on not just its games, but the NFTs created around them.

"We've been waiting for NFTs to revolutionize 'serious' industries such as real estate," says Jimmie Jeremejev."As it stands, the gaming use case is making the most serious money. Game ecosystems can be incredibly diverse, with endless ongoing purchase opportunities, all in digital format. Game creators should know that China is the world's most lucrative gaming market, with almost $40b spent last year alone.NFTs here have similar potential"

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