• Ernie Diaz

Richer the Third

Foreign-controlled wealth management venture number three has regulatory clearance to launch in China.

Schroders PLC will be JV-ing with long-time partner Bank of Communications, China’s sixth largest commercial lender, to address a potentially massive market, one which Raffles Family Office claims has but a picayune 3% market penetration.

Schroders, with assets in the $650b range, joins Paris-based Amundi Asset Management , and the monolithic BlackRock, as the third company to offer the world’s second-largest market for equities, a range of wealth management strategies and products.

“Given the potential and lack of penetration, wealth management is not an opportunity for financial giants only,” claims Edward Lehman. “China’s ever-burgeoning wealthy class grows more sophisticated by the day. There is no reason smaller wealth managers and asset management groups cannot find a sizeable, profitable customer base for their services.”

“The prospect of foreign investors having access to Chinese assets is equally exciting,” adds Jimmie Jeremejev..

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