• Ernie Diaz

Positive Energy

If there’s one silver lining to the cloud of political mistrust overhanging US-China tech, perhaps it’s the lack of headlines aimed at commodities.

The lustre is brightest in the LNG space, where Texas LNG boss Vivek Chandra sees US-China deals as “inevitable”.

"A lot of exciting things are happening in China. We don't see a monolithic buyer. We see many, many buyers. We see new emerging buyers. We see state-owned buyers, provincial-owned buyers, private entities. There's a lot of innovation going on, which is really exciting," Chandra said. “And I think it's only inevitable that we're going to see more deals between Chinese entities and American suppliers."

While the U.S. decides, those Chinese entities are looking anywhere and everywhere to source their ever-burgeoning LNG demands. “We’ve got a lot of requests from Chinese groups for deals in Africa,” says Jimmie Jeremejev, managing director at LehmanBush. “This is a natural outgrowth of their intensive infrastructure investment in Africa.”

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