• Ernie Diaz

On The Road Again

Alternative title - "We're not going Huawei." Now that they've been outed as the greatest threat to intergalactic security since the Death Star, Huawei is tending its China gardens, offering self-driving systems to domestic EVs.

But wait, there's more. EV makers XPeng, Nio, and Li Auto are all going to Hong Kong for secondaries listings. It's one thing to follow the money - we want to know where it's going.

"A lot of people are focused on the manufacturing side of the EV industry," says Jimmie Jeremejev 向荣. "Don't forget the software and data side of the equation: EV paves the way for autonomous driving, which will unleash untold value in necessary OS, apps, data collection, and data mining - both for regulatory and business efficiency."

"There's definitely going to be an increasing push in China on the software side of new transport," says Edward Lehman Mongolian Lawyer. "After all, the manufacturing side is relatively low value. China wants to move up the value chain and produce the Apples of AI auto, not Foxconns." #china #evehicles

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