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LehmanBush Visits PowerChina HQ, Discusses Fund Participation

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

June 20th, 2021 – LehmanBush President Lawrence Liu, and Managing Director Jimmie Jeremejev visited PowerChina’s headquarters in Beijing today, in order to discuss participation in an upcoming fund.

“PowerChina represents China’s driving force in transforming our world into one where abundant, sustainable energy is a reality for everyone, around the world,” said Liu. “To that extent, they are beginning to internationalize their financial structure, and are seeking foreign investment for an energy project fund. LehmanBush is honored to have a chance to help them in this effort.”

Du Ming, President of PowerChina Resources, Ltd., introduced the company and its latest developments during the meeting. “PowerChina has the scale and resources to deliver virtually any kind of energy station, efficiently and safely, be it wind, solar, or more traditionally-based. With the right foreign partners participating in our fund, the scope of our efforts will be enhanced. We hope LehmanBush can be of assistance in structuring and investing in the fund.”

Also in attendance at the meeting were PowerChina’s Deputy General Manager Dong Qing, Investment Director Yang Anshu, and Investment Managers Gao Yu, Gao Xiao, and Lin Zhiyi.

They presented an overview of the many projects PowerChina is involved in across Asia and Africa, emphasizing their focus on win-win local cooperation, and commitment to sustainable, clean energy projects with long-term benefits for all.

“Despite current international tensions, one frontier that demands global cooperation is the pursuit of clean and abundant energy,” said President Liu. “We are quite confident that a well-constructed fund will attract strategic international investors who understand the long-term, stable growth prospects of such an investment.”

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