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LehmanBush Signs MOU with China Railway Group, Ltd.

April 15th, 2021 – LehmanBush President Lawrence Liu signed an MOU with representatives of China Railway Group, Ltd. (中国中铁股份有限公司) today, pledging to act as a limited partner in the SOE’s new international fund.

“CREC (China Railway Group, Ltd.) is not only one of China’s most successful SOEs, but also one of the most progressive. Their move to take on international partners in their latest fund is a great step forward for both China and international business, so LehmanBush is very proud to have been approved as a limited partner in the fund,” said Liu.

The new fund will consist of a portfolio of both domestic and international construction projects, and is scheduled to comprise USD $10 billion in AUM (assets under management).

“We are very pleased to have LehmanBush as a limited partner in this new fund,” said Liu Ting, general manager of China Railway Group Investment (中鐵投資集團有限公司).”LehmanBush is known for both its extensive international network, as well as their experience in bringing strategic investors into China, so we felt they would be an ideal strategic limited partner in our new fund.”

Representatives from the two companies met at CREC headquarters in Beijing, and discussed the projects to be funded, timelines, and other important considerations. Representatives from CREC included General Manager Assistant Wu Yeqiang, Investment Manager Jing Li, and Investment & Financing Department Supervisor Li Ruixin.

Founded in 2007, CREC is currently #254 on Forbest Global 2000 list, with a market cap of USD $12.5 billion dollars. They have a large share of the China construction market, as well as being a known force for large—scale development across the globe.

“China’s government is encouraging its SOEs to take steps towards financial internationalization, as it ramps up its One Belt One Road initiatives. This fund is an outstanding opportunity for large institutional investors to participate in the stable growth of this economic sector.”

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