• Ernie Diaz

Keep On Truckin'

For now, data-dependent China tech stocks are not Coming to America. And the fracas for all the microchips takes new turns every week. Is global trade and development to be totally bifurcated between the last superpower and the soon-to-be world's biggest economy?

There are still ties of trade aplenty between China and the U.S., of course, despite the media-effect. And one frontier holds hope for bilateral innovation: autonomous vehicles. TuSimple raised over $1b in its April IPO, at an $8.5b valuation. More promisingly, it is cooperating with two U.S. counterparts, AEye and Navistar, to develop crucial components, such as sensors.

"It's a very promising use case, and not the only one,' says Edward Lehman. "PlusAI is another China autonomous trucking startup that is going to go public in the U.S. soon, via SPAC. We're getting a lot of interest in their final PIPE offering before they list, especially based on their plans for cooperation with U.S. companies."

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