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Covid has left a hole in school budgets that will be years in the patching, even with the old full-tuition-for-online-classes strategy. A huge part of that gap owes to the some two-thirds of Chinese students who cancelled their overseas study plans last year, costing western schools billions in lost international student fees, not to mention the long tail of services catering to them. 

The drop off from 2018's all-time high of 370,000 Chinese students in the U.S. was accelerated by ex-president Trump's decision to ban visas for Chinese STEM students, a deft stroke in halting China's perceived plans for global military dominance.

Meanwhile, the Chinese soldier on in their passion for providing their kids a top-notch western education. However, it is the British colonizing the Middle Kingdom with one new international school after another.

"British schools with recognizable brands such as Harrow & Dulwich aren't limited to Beijing and Shanghai anymore," says Edward Lehman. "South China, especially: cities such as Haikou, Dongguan, and Nanning all saw the opening of British schools last year. The opportunity is there for diverse offerings, American and other European schools as well, with of course the challenges of finding and maintaining top quality teaching staff."

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