• Ernie Diaz

Huawei to Hell

In an AC/DC context, perhaps Huawei has made a deal with the devil, and is simply paying the inevitable piper. However, in a professional wrestling sense, Washington obviously the WWE management, Huawei is an embattled Rick Flair: forced to do a heel turn, bruised and bloodied by the battle royale, yet still plucky enough to pull out one last move on Hulk Android and Andre the Apple.

Wracked by plunging phone sales, Huawei is digging deep and pulling an OS maneuver. Its Harmony OS has under 100k apps, to Android's 3m+. Nonetheless, apps multiply like fleas in the right environment, and Huawei is looking to take Harmony from phones to a cross-device ecosystem of TVs, appliances, anything that can be squeezed into the long-heralded, as-yet-insubstantial iOT.

"It's going to be an uphill battle," says Edward Lehman. "Those who think the government can just order phone and device makers to use Huawei's OS don't get the complex checks and balances of the modern Chinese business environment. And Huawei also has a limited stockpile of chips for their flagship Harmony devices. But I'd say Huawei's adaptability and resilience thus far, and yes - their government relationships - give them a fighting chance to make the transition."

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