• Ernie Diaz

Electric Power to the People

Add it's adoption cycle to things you'll never understand about China. Usually we err to the long side: NBA, coffee, and health supplements won market share far beyond her first tier cities far faster than the wonks predicted.

But the recent toppling of Tesla as China's fastest selling EV is even more promising than the vision of a nation of caffeinated/sedated Lebron wannabes. Yes, Tesla is still killing it in the world's biggest car market. However, the T3 is getting outsold by Wuling's mini 2-door model. Wuling focuses on China's vast hinterlands, building more than 10,000 charging stations in the more than 100 cities with more than a million people.

"The rapid adoption of EVs by less-monied Chinese shows two things," says Edward Lehman. "Firstly, a far vaster willingness in China's population to go green. Also, a more rapid adoption cycle for relatively expensive new technology. Foreign manufacturers shouldn't forget the low end market here."

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