• Ernie Diaz

Crouching Tutor, Hidden Bandwagon

Yesterday we mentioned blossoming China education opportunities, in the form of physical private schools. Very 2003, but still tenable, for schools ready to roll up their sleeves.

For those with a yen to put their money, not their hands, to work, pre-IPO has the LehmanBush network abuzz, particularly in China, where tech unicorns are foaling, then coming out of the chute, at a rate the western financial news industry can barely tally, let alone report accurately.

Which takes us back to school. One of the hottest ed-tech companies in China right now is raising a final round before a late-2021 U.S. listing, and will be valued easily north of $3b, while western investors still look for upside in Yuanfudao.

“We’re excited to be helping with the raise, because we’re big fans of an increasingly digitized Chinese economy,” says Jimmie Jeremejev. “This newest ed-tech unicorn already has some of the world’s biggest banks invested, and is barely a blip on the radar. The same is true for a lot of other Chinese tech platforms in the pipeline. China’s platform economy is unlocking not only value, but also total return for institutional investors with their eyes on the ball.”

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