• Ernie Diaz

Catch a Rising Star

Gamestop(ped). Robbin(g) Hood(s). Melvin hiding in the Citadel. Bubble sightings ever more frequent. What's an equities investor looking for growth, not drama, to do?

Diversify, as in right out of the topsy turvy US Market.

It's easier than ever to dip a toe into China waters, with a new index ETF tracking Shanghai's NASDAQ-style, STAR market bourse.The ETF is offered by Krane Fund Advisors out of New York.

"Say what you will about the transparency of traditional Chinese equities," says Jimmie Jeremejev, managing director at LehmanBush. "China as an economy is booming, and the government has every intention of helping the STAR market echo that boom, as part of its overall Dual Cycle strategy."

"This is just the beginning, I believe," says LehmanBush founder Edward Lehman. "I have every confidence the STAR market will grow more attractive to western investors, with a growing inventory of investment products to reflect the interest."

As for high level market manipulation and cronyism on the market, we wish traders on the NYSE good luck with that.

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