• Ernie Diaz

Can't We All Just Get Along Term Profit?

Had Trump delved into the Art of War as much as he did the Art of the Deal...he probably still would have fumbled his China trade policy - who are we kidding.

Regardless, the scores are in after the first four rounds of the trade wars. The ones we want to highlight are some practicable ones for 2020:

- +4% FDI in China

- 70% of US co.s surveyed by AmCham S.China, planning to reinvest and expand here

- 72% of German co.s surveyed by their chamber, likewise

And some signal events to show that money neither sleeps nor stays awake worrying about Capitol Hill's agenda:

- Blackrock, approved to set up wholly-owned asset management co. in China

- Paypal just became the first wholly foreign-owned 3PPP (3rd party payment platform)

Washington knows better than anyone how loudly money talks, and for anyone who can listen, "global financialization, China included" is a shibboleth.

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