• Ernie Diaz

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An investor's greatest enemies are not lack of information, or bad timing. They are fear and greed. Unfortunately, fear and greed are also salesmen's greatest allies. So it's understandable to view the latest crypto/stock sell off as either a harbinger of a great depression, or a chance to quickly double one's nest egg.

But those old-fashioned enough to plan long term look at long term trends. For growth, new trends with momentum.

"Sure, high-priced Asian tech stocks were due for a blow off," says Edward Lehman. "But digitalization remains a prime China economic goal, including AI and machine learning, so there is definite long term growth as these technologies scale. Meanwhile, Asia's chip and electronic equipment makers remain vital to the global economy. I don't always agree with JP Morgan (who were anti Bitcoin not so long ago), but I do agree with their recommendation to buy the dip."

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