• Ernie Diaz

Brand and Deliver

Given the primal drive of homo sapiens to conserve energy, you'll never go broke saving them steps. Thus the profitability of food delivery apps, pre-, mid-, and assuredly post-pandemic. It's a simple concept, but one being taken to new tech-enabled logistical heights in China. 

Are you grateful to get that bag of artisanal turkey jerky you ordered online the next day? Don't be played for a fool. You should get it within an hour. We have the technology.

Or at least MissFresh does. The soon-to-list ecommerce delivery powerhouse started out by specializing in fresh produce, but is rapidly expanding its SKU-range. More intriguingly, it's employing an amazing array of algorithmically-filtered data, to empower mini-warehouses across China, so anyone jonesing for a fragrant piece of jackfruit can have it  delivered while they're still in the mood.

"People who don't see MissFresh's position against frontrunner Meituan are missing the big picture," says Edward Lehman. "Meituan is great for group buying, finding good deals. MissFresh will serve the growing segment of Chinese consumers who will pay more to get top quality, fast. Anyone who underestimates the diversity of segments here, especially in regards to food, does so at their peril."

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