Representative Services

LehmanBush provides high value-added consulting support for companies with initial and second-stage development programs in China and abroad. These range from investments in manufacturing, mining, minerals, and governmental relations, to the development of sales distribution and logistics.

LehmanBush provides special expertise in the acquisition of investments abroad for Chinese state-owned enterprises and local Chinese companies and assets. LehmanBush provides specialized targeted support for private equity investors and venture capital funds that seek financial opportunities from China and abroad.


LehmanBush focuses both on Chinese outbound investment and investment opportunities in the modernization, restructuring, and privatization of China’s economy. On the one hand, a strong RMB and the need to acquire natural resources, brands and distribution rights abroad, fuels this demand for Chinese acquisitions.


On the other, the restructuring and privatization of China’s economy provides unique acquisition opportunities as the national and local Chinese government branches seek to sell state-owned companies to international and private investors. In addition, many Chinese companies also seek outside investors to strengthen their product technologies, marketing abilities, brands, and managerial know-how.

Project Selection

LehmanBush follows strict guidelines in careful project selection, due diligence, and extensive management planning. The company is committed to early identification of project risks and works diligently to manage those risks from the beginning. We have a well-known reputation for providing unwavering pro-active services.

The most important criterion for success in any investment is exceptional knowledge and precise management. LehmanBush seeks out organizations with the necessary operating expertise, and those with an established track record of growth, market leadership, and success. We firmly believe in teamwork whereby our client’s full satisfaction is our success.

Mandates (Strategic Advisory Services)

LehmanBush, because of its experience and expertise in the Chinese marketplace, receives a wide range of mandates from its clientele covering investment banking, strategic advisory services, and complex advisory services.


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