Strategic Advisory - “Incubator”

In addition to traditional advising, LehmanBush has built a number of China local-market research and liaison teams by setting up “branch offices” of foreign companies. Foreign governments and large corporations that wish to reach specific individuals or corporations may use our “incubator” service.

“Incubator” is a local presence in China that is managed by a LehmanBush project manager or our CEO. After being given a specific mandate, incubator hires a team of foreign and local staff to complete your objective in China. Many companies that do not wish to establish a legal entity in China use “incubator” to accomplish a specific goal and reap the benefit without having to setup a Representative Office, Joint Venture or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise.

In many cases, after developing a China local team, “incubator” becomes a launch-pad for merging with Chinese or foreign-owned companies in China or setting up ones own operations.

Whether training your future staff in the process of screening potential acquisition targets by conducting a range of commercial, legal, and financial due diligence or developing your marketing staff, in-house counsel, accounting, tax and management, “incubator” provides maximum benefit for either operational setup in China or to find and attract potential investors to projects abroad.