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Aviation and Shipping

The aviation and shipping team at LehmanBush has built a niche in this market by applying their thorough understanding of the expanding needs of business leaders and legal complexities involved in China’s maritime and aviation laws. Our experience covers all areas of the shipping and aviation industry, including equipment manufacturers, equity providers, financiers, airlines, aircraft owners, pilots and shipping companies.

Banking and Finance

LehmanBush helps foreign banking and financial institutions to setup independently and introduces domestic financial institutions for joint ventures. We consult regarding China laws, policies and regulations that govern financial transactions within this highly-regulated industry.

We have worked with both domestic and foreign banking institutions, international syndicated loan agreements, government borrowings, general commercial loan agreements, and leasing agreements. With its cooperation with Lehman, Lee & XU, the firm has setup and represents the China Foreign Banks Association (CFBA), which includes more than one hundred and eighty banks in China.

With the long-term needs of our banking and investment clients in mind, we also advise on foreign exchange issues and strategic planning. We aim to help clients enter China’s emerging industry of financial services, including insurance, derivatives and the commodity future’s market.

Business Immigration

LehmanBush has an extensive immigration practice specializing in both inbound corporate immigration as well as offering a well-regarded outbound immigration consultancy service. Our inbound clients have included companies in the banking, financial services, information technology, management consultancy and retail industries. Our immigration specialists assist foreign professionals with all aspects of immigration to China, including residency applications, business invitation and licensing invitations, work permits and entry visas for principles and their family members. Our outbound immigration consultancy has assisted Chinese nationals in migrating overseas through study, family sponsorship, intra-company transfers, investment projects, specialist skills and diversity migration.

Capital Markets/Securities

LehmanBush offers insightful expertise in the securities market drawn from its experience in the fields of securities offerings and listings, banking, financing, foreign exchange regulations, and foreign direct investment. We assist clients in developing direct investment, securities offerings and listings, privatizations, mergers and acquisitions and liquidations and bankruptcy strategies.

Governmental Relations

LehmanBush headquarters is conveniently located within Beijing’s embassy district and represents a number of foreign embassies in China. We work closely with Chinese government officials throughout China at every level.

Commodities Trading

LehmanBush specializes in both China market entry strategy and operations expansion for pre-existing corporations in China. Our partners and associates are experienced in dealing with clients at all levels and areas of the commodities business and their specific issues, including products producers, financial institutions, and trading companies (involved in both spot and futures trading).

Corporate Services/Tax Planning

LehmanBush uses a number of strategies to assist incorporation of offshore companies (largely for tax purposes). Both small private clients and large multinationals would benefit from the expertise of LehmanBush in regards to offshore entry into China, thereby allowing us to provide seamless services, from incorporation of the offshore company to establishment and operation of the China investment. We also help Chinese corporations to take advantage of government policies by introducing strategic business cooperation strategies.

Energy & Resources

LehmanBush manages project development and project financing, corporate taxation and dispute resolution for all areas of energy and resource operations in China.

Our associates have extensive experience in handling the approval, development and financing of oil and gas related projects and independent power production facilities, with a particular focus on renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, hydro-electricity and biomass.

Entertainment and Sports

LehmanBush is capable of negotiating business deals for sports and entertainment firms around the world. Whether the matter involves structuring television projects, or assisting with foreign co-produced programs, we provide sound entrepreneurial business advice and create innovative commercial solutions to complex commercial transactions.

In addition to negotiating and finalizing contracts, ensuring that clients’ copyrights and trademarks are protected, and drafting distribution and licensing agreements, we also assess our clients’ specific goals and help them navigate through China’s sometimes confusing regulatory environment to ensure their achievement.

Export, Customs and Trade

LehmanBush provides trade and marketing-related advice in China. We advice on various types of counter trade transactions, including barter trade, product buyback, clearing account trade, compensation trade, counter-purchase and offset arrangements. The LehmanBush team also has extensive experience in the complex import and export laws, including customs, and assisting clients with their processing and assembly arrangements in China.

Financial Services

LehmanBush provides solutions for a wide range of businesses, from small companies to large multinationals, many of which require credit and financing.

Media and Advertising

LehmanBush offers a complete consulting service to a broad spectrum of advertising clients regarding diverse media matters. We are able to advise the biggest players in the industry in some of the advertising industry’s most significant and intricate matters. The consequential breadth of our expertise allows us to give our clients an upper hand in representation on matters falling outside the sphere of more traditional advertising law and business consulting firms.

We render our assistance to Chinese government bodies and regulatory agencies by providing our comments on new legislation and policies. Our dedicated advertising team also advises on all types of marketing contracts and content issues and is regularly involved in brand selection, protection and maintenance work.

Our sophisticated understanding of our clients’ marketing priorities and the dimensions of their business needs ensures that we are well placed to provide comprehensive and individually tailored solutions to the standard of professionalism, quality and timeliness essential to support the business complexities of each of our clients. We endeavor to identify critical issues before they surface, which enables our clients to prepare for and deal with the unexpected that is pivotal to their marketing strategy rather than merely reacting to them.

Mergers & Acquisitions

LehmanBush as a leading Mergers and Acquisitions team in China. We advise acquirers, targets, sellers, financial advisors, institutional investors, and special committees of public and private companies in both negotiating and contesting transactions. Our extensive client list ranges from small start-up, high-technology companies to large and experienced private and public corporations.


LehmanBush has a leading international mining practice based on our established presence in Asia. Our associates advise on the world’s leading mining groups as well as many junior and intermediate mining companies.

Private Client Group (High Net Income Individuals)

LEHMAN BUSH practices provide experienced cross-practice area resources and cross boarder legal advice to help our Chinese clients successfully meet their needs. We assist clients through complex legal and business issues associated with tax, capital investment, liability management, closely held businesses, offshore tax structures, offshore and on-shore trust structures, wealth succession, philanthropy, personal affairs and litigation.

Pro Bono and Not for Profit

LehmanBush assists on tax, corporate, regulatory and other issues faced by non-profit organizations and their founders, members, and directors in China. Our non-profit clients include public charities, chambers of commerce, private foundations, non-governmental organizations, labor associations, trade associations, social clubs and social welfare organizations. We are able to advise founders on the structure of non-profit organizations, set up and register the organizations, assist the founders in developing bylaws and other operating rules, conduct organizational meetings, and obtain tax exemptions and intellectual property protection. Our advice on corporate, human resource and tax issues helps our clients conduct complex business transactions as well as routine real estate transactions and consulting agreements. We frequently deal with leading edge and precedent-setting issues including lobbying for tax-exemption. Our firm responds to the Ministry of Civil Affairs on the drafting of new non-governmental and not-for-profit regulations and implementing rules.

Project & Infrastructure Finance

We seek to be innovative in advising on China-related project finance, structuring loans that satisfy Chinese legal requirements as well as the needs of both lenders and borrowers. We advise on a broad range of infrastructure projects.

We assist clients in establishing businesses in China from the initial stage of a project feasibility study to the establishment, operation and dissolution of businesses. We advise on and arrange application to government for approval, taxation, loan structuring and documentation, transfer, amalgamation and spin-off of these businesses.

Real Estate

The LehmanBush Real Estate team is comprised of both Chinese and foreign associates with many years of experience in all types of real estate transactions. This diversity of experience and foreign expertise enables LehmanBush to provide creative, accurate and economical consultation services to its clients.

With the experience and background of various associates in our Real Estate group, we can provide expert advice needed by real estate developers to formulate and complete innovative real estate projects in all parts of the country.

We take pride in the fact that we can provide real estate legal services to both Chinese and foreign clients. This fact is extremely important in dealing with real estate matters in China as it gives LehmanBush the ability to finalize real estate transactions quickly and efficiently.

Venture Capital and Private Equity

With extensive experience in securities, investment, taxation, and corporate law, our associates can advise on many aspects of capital venture and private equity investment in China.

In addition, we offer a full range of expertise in specialty practices necessary to support complex private equity transactions, including antitrust, employee benefits, environmental, real estate and intellectual property.