Management Accounting

LehmanBush provides a range of services geared to assisting companies understand and prepare for future development. The production of financial accounts is fine in advising what has happened, but companies that only look back eventually hit a wall.

We can assist clients in producing budgeting and forecasting models, and with their budgeting process.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Foresight and control is integral to any business success, not least of all in China.

Accurate financial modeling is crucial in guiding a company through its financial milestones, anticipating new developments and providing growth and direction in the often cloudy market that is China.

LehmanBush works closely with you to prepare comprehensive budgeting models to clearly set and attain financial goals. We are able to take a top-down approach to streamlining budgeting processes, ensuring your budget is both structured and balanced.

In the end, the achievement of company objectives depends on a balanced and structured budget. Such budgets require models that assist the process rather than hinder it. LehmanBush is experienced in working with its clients to produce models geared to their and individual requirements, whether for the purpose of forecasting profit and loss or cash flow planning.

Cash Flow Management

LehmanBush provides a range of cash-flow management services, from cash-flow planning to receivable management and debt recovery.

The creation of an effective financing strategy is pivotal to any business and its development. LehmanBush’s proven cash-flow management systems and processes can help your company gain better control of your finances.

From assisting with cash flow planning of capital movement projects to day-to-day cash-flow management, LehmanBush assists our clients in gaining greater profitability and flexibility in their operations.

LehmanBush can also take the worry out of account receivables, payables and payroll through providing outsource facilities. And for those organizations who already face seemingly ‘un-collectible collectibles’ we are also able to offer debt recovery services through our affiliated law firm.

Information Management

Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time is key to making the right decisions in China. With the rapidly changing business environment and a burgeoning number of companies entering the market, information is critical to driving strategic change and operational decisions.

With a more thorough understanding of key business drivers, companies have greater control over the factors shaping their bottom line and overall business growth.

Whether that be better understanding the demographics of your customer market or inventory maintenance, LehmanBush can help ensure that your business decision makers are fully informed at all times, and provide expert advice on reporting and information channeling.

LehmanBush provides an Information Management review service to companies that already have systems and suitable processes in place. This includes a review of the organizations information management requirements relative to what is currently being supplied, the timeliness of its delivery and recommendations for improvement.

LehmanBush can also assist in creating new reports and improvement in delivery.

The producers of information management are also usually the most under-resourced; they have little time to change what is already in place or to survey the requirements of management in advance of its request. They are therefore continually reactive. LehmanBush can help make the provision of information more proactive.

Market Entry Strategy

LehmanBush can help companies enter the China market. We understand the complexities involved, from choosing the right location, partners and type of entity to the governmental approval process. Such procedures often seem daunting to companies entering for the first time and trying for companies already established but seeking to expand. China’s laws have evolved rapidly over the past ten years and with its accession to the World Trade Organization this is set to continue.

LehmanBush has assisted many companies, across a wide range of industries, in developing and successfully executing their entry into the China market. With a close eye on regulatory developments and industry analysis, we are able to provide the foresight of market direction and opportunities to assess and advise your business on its entry strategy.

Similarly, as the China market further develops and your company’s operations expand, LehmanBush is able to offer strategic advice on how to best take advantage of the changing business environment and market conditions.

From new feasibility studies to organic growth strategies, we can help your company extend its market share and increase profitability.

Systems Solutions

LehmanBush provides solutions that create efficiency in business, adding value by unlocking and understanding the management information hidden within. Virtually every day new technologies appear. The risks associated, both financial and non-financial, make purchasing decisions critical to the business. LehmanBush can help you in your selection, design and implementation of systems and surrounding process.

Systems Implementation

With information systems now playing such a pivotal role in providing crucial management information, it is imperative for organizations to choose the most appropriate financial, HR and accounting solutions.

At LehmanBush we don’t believe in just implementing the latest fad. Instead we believe in choosing and developing a system to suit your company’s size, needs and budget.

LehmanBush has experience in assisting companies throughout the entire System Development Life-Cycle: from working with clients to understand what is required, through choosing and implementing the most appropriate package, and finally training staff on how to maximize the system’s performance.

LehmanBush can assist in identifying your requirements for information technology, your business and strategic objective and in finding the appropriate system to provide these. We will then assist in the design and implementation of the system and surrounding processes so as to optimize the efficiency and value to the business.

Implementation of a system is a major step for any organization. Its success is dependent on the ability to push through change and deal with local management fiefdoms. LehmanBush can assist companies in managing this change throughout the implementation process and in winning over such resistances.

Internal Process Review

As China embraces the information age, corporations, both local and international, are seeking to drive efficiencies through streamlining information flows and eliminating redundant internal processes. By adopting these changes and re-evaluating current operations, organizations are able to enhance cost competitiveness and further develop market share.

LehmanBush has experience in assisting clients to implement excellence in organization-wide processes and maximizing efficient use of information and personnel. Whether this involves a complete review of an organization’s Supply Chain, Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing procedures or re-aligning company structure by process lines, we have the expertise to help you re-engineer your current operating procedures.

LehmanBush provides a process review service to companies that already have systems in place or are looking to establish new operations. The decision to implement a new system forms part of a company’s business strategy and its objectives and can either hinder or enhance performance.

Unfortunately a significant number of companies that implement new systems do not meet their objectives or optimize their use to create the efficiencies originally sought. Processes often remain the same as local fiefdoms resort back to old practices, or double up with the new ones with increased workload.