Financial Accounting

LehmanBush provides a number of services to assist companies in running their finance functions. These range from providing a Chief Financial Officer / Finance Director to oversee a company’s operations, to basic levels of book keeping services.

LehmanBush understands the pressures felt by finance staff, be this from a bottleneck caused by staff changes, internal restructuring, or one off projects.

The maintenance of financial records in accordance with proper corporate and international standards as well as adhering to local accounting practices is important. LehmanBush can provide this assurance through its outsource services.


LehmanBush provides ‘CFO’ services to companies through various outsource and part-time arrangements.

As companies focus on developing core operations and business strategy in China, many of their internal departments, including finance, are too small to generate critical mass or efficiencies. At the same time, many companies still require an experienced, senior professional to assist in developing strategy and liaise with the management team on the financial health of the company.

Whether your company requires an experienced CFO for just 1 day per month to review company financial performance and drive strategy, or whether you require an experienced financial professional a number of times per week to assist in monitoring accounting procedures and compliance, LehmanBush provides you the flexibility.

Companies may already have good finance teams in place but the cost burden of hiring such a senior person full time is often impeding and the workload for such a person is sporadic, rather than continual. With LehmanBush’s CFO Service, clients can have the expertise they require when they require it.

LehmanBush CFO Services offer proven experience in this area and provide companies the flexibility of drawing upon this expertise when and as they require. Our personnel act in CFO positions across many industries and can assist in providing growth strategies and direction for your China operations.


With China’s rapidly evolving accounting system, it is difficult for many firms to stay abreast of new legislation and accounting standards.

Finding reliable finance staff can also often be difficult, and retaining them in a developing market place even worse. Accounting is a continuum and staff movements create gaps, which can damage the quality and reliability of financials.

At LehmanBush we have dedicated staff, adept in providing out source financial accounting and book keeping services to both local and multi national clients.

Whilst many firms simply believe that account keeping is required to comply with PRC laws and regulations, at LehmanBush we seek to add real value to your business through working closely with you to provide quality management accounting information.

Our teams provide a range of different levels depending on the requirements of the client. These range from book keeping to production of clients’ monthly management accounts for submission to local management and Head-Quarters.

You do not just get a profit and loss and balance sheet as with many such services offered in the market place, we pride ourselves on being integral with our clients’ business and providing management accounting information.

Accounting and Financial Advice

Drawing upon LehmanBush’s international expertise and proven China experience, our staff are able to provide expert knowledge on a vast range of accounting and financial issues.

Our experts are well-versed in international and country-specific GAAP, including China GAAP. We are able to offer you the assurance that Head-quarters need in running China operations and a contact for local operations to seek advice.

We understand the complexities of the Chinese financial system, thus providing you with a bouncing board for ideas.

Special Purpose Audit

LehmanBush understands that special purpose audits may be called for in certain situations where there is confusion over accountancy practices in China. China’s accounting rules are still in their development stages and consequently many foreign companies may be unsure whether or not they are recording their accounts in the right manner.

Equally, given the overall lack of corporate transparency in China, foreign investors may be concerned about fraud or taxation compliance. A special purpose audit may be required in order to bring a Chinese entity into compliance with a company’s group policies or quite simply to evaluate the overall operating efficiency of an organization.