Corporate Restructuring

If your company recognizes any signs of corporate fatigue then early awareness of the problem will give you the opportunity to transform and revitalize your organization. Alternative financing sources and a focus on corporate value are helping businesses manage change more effectively or leading them out of trouble.

Your company might be looking for corporate restructuring services to overcome any financial, strategic and operational difficulties, or deal with the consequences of insolvency. Alternatively, your business might just need a fresh approach to its corporate structure in order to meet and further maximize growing business commitments.

LehmanBush’s services are designed strategically to add value to your business in China. Our firm can offer advice and provide support in implementing recovery plans, and any necessary reorganization of debts.

LehmanBush can also assess areas of the business that may be targeted for growth, formulating strategies appropriate for a dynamic business environment. We are able to offer turnaround-financing models to transform a company and enhance its corporate value.

LehmanBush advises throughout the process of restructuring. Changing ownership or the ownership structure of companies, demergers, bankruptcy, buyout or repositioning requires a detailed business action plan, liquidity, working capital forecasts and communication with creditors and financial controllers.

Our services include CEO coaching, financial and legal support, as well as statistical analysis and structure planning. Our team can offer support for specific stages of the restructuring, provide a specific function within your team or take control for the period of reorganizing the structures of a company.

Turnaround Management

LehmanBush creates value in undervalued companies by providing seasoned, hands-on management that elevates turnaround management to a business specialty focused on disciplined implementation of tested management practices.


Never an easy situation to deal with, an ability to pay one’s debts when they fall due may lead to bankruptcy in the case of individuals, and to liquidation in the case of companies.

The normal procedure is for a liquidation committee to be appointed to gather and dispose of the assets of the insolvent and to pay the creditors. In China, the relevant government authorities must approve liquidation of an enterprise and certain procedures must be followed.

LehmanBush is able to offer advice on recovery plans as well on the more complex side of the liquidation procedure. In the current business environment, corporate restructuring and turnaround processes can often be closely linked to insolvency, which sometimes uncovers possibilities for saving the business.

LehmanBush has a thorough understanding of bankruptcy and liquidation procedures and the experience required for seeking out alternative financial sources. We are also able to offer proposals for re-organizing debts and help for companies to get back on track financially.

Asset Valuations

LehmanBush offers appraisal services for the valuation of assets, whether it is for setting up a new fixed assets record for allocation of purchase price or for determining the value of assets for insurable valuation. China is currently moving towards more established international accounting standards and is slowly beginning to adapt more modern techniques of asset valuations.

A correct and thorough valuation of fixed assets can be a time consuming process and disagreement over the value of the fixed asset contributions has regularly been a major problem cited by foreign companies setting up joint ventures in China. Taking control of the process and the appointment of suitable valuators can be critical in facilitating a satisfactory outcome.

Whatever your situation, LehmanBush will provide you with maximum details to accomplish your established goals and our accurate valuations depend heavily on our economic knowledge and a proper investigation of the business and industry. Our highly professional staff will work to assign the correct value to the asset to ensure sound financial records and efficient business planning.

Corporate Valuations

LehmanBush offers corporate valuation services, assessing areas such as the competitive position of your company, any risks involved and the quality of goods and services offered.

An overall lack of corporate transparency in China, as well as a generally under developed regulatory environment can render corporate valuations incredibly complex processes.

Our experienced staff has a thorough understanding of what key factors drive value within a wide range of industries.

LehmanBush assists clients with valuation issues related to tax planning and compliance, financial reporting, mergers and acquisition transactions, corporate restructuring and dispute resolution.