LehmanBush China MBA

LehmanBush frequently receives executive MBA groups from around the globe. Depending on the needs of the class, LehmanBush provides seminars, workshops, networking events, and introductions to the top business leaders and government bodies in China.

LehmanBush China MBA opens the minds of MBA students to business in China. Classes are taught by top level managers, while partners can be available under certain circumstances. Your students will get a clear picture of Chinese business culture, thinking, and behavior. They will be able to ask questions from people that have been through the learning phase themselves and have real time business administration experience.

Your MBA students will be the future leaders of the world. China’s influence will reach them wherever they go and whatever they do. Give your students the heads up on China. It’s best that your students understand what’s happening in China now, so that they can grow their career with a correct understanding of China business and be empowered by that knowledge.