China IQ

In a globally integrated world, public expectations have never been higher for businesses, governments and nonprofits. LehmanBush’s professionals often share their thoughts and insights on China, ideas and market insights on issues of critical importance to our clients, the public at large, and our work, and we wanted to share some of those viewpoints with you. We like to call it our LehmanBush China IQ.


LehmanBush’s professionals believe we have strong insights based upon professional and personal experience and in keeping with the latest laws, regulations trends, policies, news, market developments and political issues that impact our clients in China, and called upon often share commentary on what is happening in China via media outlets, at conventions, corporate gatherings and via our blog, weibo account and other avenues.

Published Works

LehmanBush publishes media related to the key China issues that influence the way our clients do business. In addition, a number of our professionals have published opinions, articles, press releases, blogs, and academic journals on a wide range of China topics.


LehmanBush produces a semi-annual e-newsletter, China IQ Newsletter, for clients interested in China related business and China affairs in markets around the world.

China Blog

This website contains our China blog which is a roundup of pictures, video, news, events, ramblings and musings by LehmanBush professionals.

Research & Studies

LehmanBush regularly releases China independent and collaborative research products and services on timely subjects.

Speaking Engagements

LehmanBush’s professionals are often asked to speak at conferences and events on a variety of topics impacting the China, its economy and the impact of China’s issues on the global marketplace.

LehmanBush Forum

Exclusive LehmanBush-hosted events that feature the latest thinking and tactics in communication, issues, and legislation from LehmanBush’s professionals as well as other China government officials, China Key decision makers and market movers , and Chinese corporate leaders.